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"Unlike a lot of stripped-down singer/songwriters who can be monotonous, Cernak manages to not only hold the listener’s interest, but to keep them fully engaged. Part of it is deft use of varied tempos and the other is that Cernak is also a strong songwriter who uses blunt language to effectively convey blunt feelings: sadness, regret, longing and hope." -On Tap Magazine(September, 2011)


  • Back In The Studio


    We are rounding out what turned out to be a blistering summer of about 55 or so shows with a few more shows this week and a return to Leopard Studio to get the next tracks for this upcoming album under way. Being that there is a lot more involved in this group than just me I have decided to pull my name out of the band name. We will be called 'Jacks And Heroes'. A new website and all of that good stuff will be coming soon!

  • Time Flies


    Fall is here and I'm going to be 31 in a little over a week. Time certainly does fly. I was fortunate enough to land a lot of shows this summer and am now relaxing for a bit. My fall schedule is slowly getting booked but I can only do so many jobs at once... With the first four songs from the new album, with the new band away getting mastered and a very short fall tour starting next week things are looking up. I can't wait to share these new tracks with everyone!

  • No Rest For The Weary


    Thanks to some unforeseen changes I have wound up with a pretty spaced out summer schedule unlike last year. All that free time means there is a full-on tour being scheduled for late September/early October and plenty of time to get a new EP together by the end of the summer.
    I think it is a blessing in disguise. I can't wait to get these new tracks recorded to share with everyone.

  • Booking Local Schedule


    Currently booking my local Spring/Summer schedule. Know of any cool places I might not have found? Feel free to pass them along...

  • Upcoming Shows!!!


    2/3/12 Kristel's Lodge 5th Anniversary Party- Broadalbin, NY
    2/4/12 Sullivan County Foodraiser (Dutch's Tavern)-Rock Hill, NY
    2/9/12 Acoustic Thursdays (High Falls Cafe)- High Falls, NY
    2/11/12 Taste Budds Cafe- Red Hook, NY
    2/14/12 Rosendale Cafe- Rosendale, NY
    2/17/12 Coakley's Irish Pub- Harrisburg, PA

  • Staying Local For A While


    Check out some videos from the fall mini-tour on youtube. http://www.youtube.com/user/ChrisCernakMusic After a very busy summer and start of the fall season I am planning on staying with local shows for the next couple of months. Will be hitting the road again in March to cover some more new ground. What an awesome time the last few months have been. I can't wait to do it again.

  • New Review of Down The Road


    Down The Road reviewed in On Tap Magazine "Unlike a lot of stripped-down singer/songwriters who can be monotonous, Cernak manages to not only hold the listener’s interest, but to keep them fully engaged. Part of it is deft use of varied tempos and the other is that Cernak is also a strong songwriter who uses blunt language to effectively convey blunt feelings" Click here to read the full article

  • Summer is almost here


    As I sit her eon my deck at 6:45am trying to ease into my morning before the baby gets up Everything is finally green again. Summer is almost here and with that comes a pretty busy schedule. This tour kicks off in just over 5 weeks and I couldn't be more excited.
    I do have some local shows coming up before hand for those of you in the NY area. This Saturday May 14th I will be at Dutch's Tavern in Rock Hill, NY. Then it's upstate to Kristel's Lodge in Broadalbin, NY on the 21st and Sam's Steakhouse in Johnstown, NY on the 28th. Keegan Ales in Kingston on June 2nd will be my final show in NY until Mid-July.

    Check out my schedule for full details on all of the shows.

  • Down The Road Summer Tour Dates Announced


    I have officially announced the current Down The Road Summer Tour dates. Head on over to the Schedule page and check them out There are still shows being added and exact details on a few of the shows are being confirmed but I wanted to get the list out to everyone.

    Also make sure you have signed up for my mailing list. I'll be sending out an email over the weekend with an exclusive offer for everyone on the list to vote on which song is the first to have a video made for it... SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!!!!!

  • Bar-Room performer shows his sensitive side


    David Malachowski of The Daily Freeman has given Down The Road it's first official review. Click the link below.

    One correction: The violin was played by Erica Quitzow, Timothy Allen played the Djembe. Chris Cernak shows sensitive side in ‘Down The Road’


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  • Bashakill Vineyards

    Sat, Jul 26th 2:00pm -6:00pm
  • The Brick House

    Fri, Aug 8th 7:00pm -10:00pm
  • Returning To The High Falls Cafe w/ Jacks And Heroes

    Sat, Aug 9th 8:00pm -11:00pm
  • Bashakill Vineyards

    Sun, Aug 17th 2:00pm -6:00pm
  • The Brick House

    Fri, Aug 22nd 7:00pm -10:00pm
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